CHANGE what you can control
MANAGE what you can't change
ACCEPT what you can't manage
IGNORE what you can't accept
In LIFE ➔if infrastructure rumbles,
stay humble and don’t crumble!
A Coach will show you WHERE to look,
but don’t tell you WHAT to see
With AGE a MESS turns into a MESSAGE
Fear is an illusion. Don't be an illusionist
Don't get too busy earning your salt
that you forget to enjoy the sugar
Victim of your antiquity or master of your destiny?
Fear dissolves when Faith evolves
Disconnect with your Head in order to
connect with your Heart
You know you are growing when the diameter of your Circle of Influence is greater than your Circle of Control
Be grateful as you take your next breath, because someone somewhere in this world might be taking their last one
Simple solutions and short speeches have the maximum impact
Pure learning creates intellectual JOY
Response is a reaction with an intellectual pause
A clear head and a kind heart,
makes a powerful combination
Follow your heart, the money will follow,
as well as the acclaim